The Story

The Story

Due to the climate crisis's damage to their natural habitat, the NestPals came close to extinction. It was during the last deforestation that 5555 of them became non-fungible and migrated to the ETH blockchain. They found the perfect conditions to build a new home: the NestPals Metaverse.
As they started grasping the nature of their new world, the NestPals laid the foundation for an adventure that would bring them the long-awaited safety they’ve been searching for.

To ensure that all 5555 Non-Fungible NestPals will never face the danger of extinction again, they set out to create the Guardians. All known so far is that the Guardians are NestPals-made robots built to protect the NestPals species. All adopters will see how the robots look and find out when the NestPals will enjoy their protection.

The first battle (Play-to-earn game) is about to begin. Great dangers are lurking in the NestPals’ New World, and their adopters (holders) will determine their fate. Throughout the creation of the NestPals Metaverse, there will be many instances on which the NestPals DAO will have to decide.
Embracing their new digital nature, the NestPals are working on releasing their utility token to enable the NestPals DAO to govern a community like no other. A community of like-minded individuals shares the core web3 values: transparency, decentralization, and innovation.
The non-fungible NestPals will boost a full 360 degrees of utility to their holders. By adopting (FREE MINT) one non-fungible Nestpal, you will receive:
- Full top-ups on the upcoming NestPals Play-To-Earn game.
- $NESTPALS token airdrops according to the revenue generated by our platform
- Exclusive WL spots for the hottest upcoming NFT Drops
- Voting rights in the NestPals DAO

We believe that with great power comes great responsibility. The fate of the 5555 non-fungible NestPals will depend on the adopters (holders). This is why we have started clinical trials to ensure that only the worthy will have the chance to adopt (FREE MINT) a NestPals NFT. Do you think you’ve got what it takes? Register for the ADOPTERS clinical trials here: Premint

Our Goals


Building Community

We are invested in building a genuine community of likewise individuals to help the project grow in the right direction. NestPals is a community-first project that reflects the three core web3 values: Transparency, Decentralization, and Innovation.

By offering our community best-in-class web3 experiences through our social media platforms and Discord server, we aim to grow organically and partner with other communities that share our values.

Minting Phase

We will release our genesis collection of 5555 NestPals NFTs as a WL-ONLY FREE MINT on Aug 29th. Owning one of our genesis NFTs (NestPals) will entitle you to access our upcoming game and use your NFT as an avatar. Further benefits will be tied to the collection's developments, which our OG Community will enjoy, so make sure you enroll for a chance to win a WL spot for the NestPals FREEMINT.

You can apply here

Brand Awareness

Our mission is to have a global web3 brand, and the mint funds will be used to kick off a massive brand awareness campaign aimed at bringing new people in and growing our community constantly through tailor-made marketing strategies. Invite-only events for our holders and special contests for community members will happen regularly.

Crypto Launch (Token Launch)

The release of our $NESTP utility token will enable our holders to commonly own the NestPals Metaverse through an ERC-1155 token that will create a dynamic ownership structure benefiting both its holders and the platform.

Game Launch

The NestPals NFTs can be used as avatars in our P2E game, available on desktop, mobile, and VR. This is just the beginning of the NestPals gamification. We have developed plans to enhance the user experience through add-ons and different characters that will appear in our story.

The Metaverse

Leveraging blockchain technology, the NestPals Metaverse combines DeFi, Social-Networking, and gaming elements to create a fun, interactive environment where players and NFT Holders may play to earn through several different community-governed initiatives.

Team Members

Meet The Crew

Ayoub Chaouachi

Game Developer

Certified Unity Developer, coding these cute Pals inside the game and making miracles.

Alfonzo 'Zo' Burton

UI/UX Guru

UI/UX magician. Guru in Interaction and User Experience Design. Taking care of our games.

Fabian Hofmann

3D Artist

Talented 3D Art designer. Working very hard to the collection. Loves to travel around the world.

Pejmanfar Fazel


Website builder. Our blockchain specialist, making sure we got NestPals on Ethereum.

Zoubaier Aouadi

Web Designer

Businessman, entrepreneur, designer. Love to eat burgers and drink beer.

Victor Yañez

2D Artist

Art Director. With attention to details. Loves the beach and nightlife.

Taghouti Tarek

BackEnd Dev .Net, React

Technical Lead. Smart guy. Likes coding for the project with tons of coffee.

Yessin Gabssi PSM® OCP®

Java/J2ee Software

Certified developer. Working hard on the backend of game. Pizza man.

Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions


5555 Non-Fungible NestPals




We want to find the best ADOPTERS for our Genesis collection of 5555 NestPals NFTs. This is why we will release the NestPals as a free mint but only for those that show their support and belief in our project.

How to become an ADOPTER?

If you want to apply for the ADOPTERS clinical trials, please visit ourPREMINT.


The chosen ones will be able to mint for free for 24 hours starting Monday the 22nd of August at 10:00 AM EST.

How many NFTs can I mint?

There will be a limit of one NestPals NFT per wallet.

How to join our community?

Join us on Discord and follow us on Twitter for exclusive events and contests.